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Transform Print to Pixels

The Land and Sea Platform is a revolutionary new way to present printed content on a mobile device that enables a traditional publisher to protect their legacy by transforming existing material into a digital product. Free yourself from rigid print schedules and keep your content updated to the second if necessary. Manage it centrally but make it available globally. Gain insights on who is buying your product and build a rapport with your audience in new innovative ways that are simply not possible on a printed page.


Reduce or eliminate the need to store and ship expensive inventories of physical product, while giving your customers an elegant digital experience where your content is made instantly available in an experience that is optimized for their iOS or Android devices.

Find out how quickly you can Mobilize your content!

Mobilize your content

Build a community of followers around your books, guides, newspapers or magazines and harness the market reach of the mobile app stores.

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Our Story

In 2017 we were searching for a digital format to distribute a guidebook that was rich in photographs and maps. We wanted something that could be used on phones or tablets which almost everybody had close at hand.


Core Features

01. We are a complete platform -

Native iOS & Android Apps that are fully configurable without engineering skills.

02. Central Content management portal that is intuitive to use -

Minimal training required.

03. Content is always current -

any change made to content is instantly available to all users

04. Seamlessly Scalable –

from thousands to millions of users the performance is consistent.

05. Content is available offline –

when a user is offline they will see the content that was available when they were last online. Once they re-connect any changes are propagated. There are no version control issues.

06. Paywall and subscription capability is built in. –

create a product and make it available to millions of potential users with a few key strokes.

07. Create customs apps from your content –

private label your content (ask us how)

08. Powerful mapping capability built in –

don’t give directions, show them

09. Robust user management capabilities –

definable data capture to know your consumer

10. Roles based content management system –

web based to permit full control of remote workers

11. Simple integration to existing CRM and CMS systems –

API Interface for real-time coordination

Case Studies


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