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Our Mission & Vision

About us

In 2017 we were searching for a digital format to distribute a guidebook that was rich in photographs and maps. We wanted something that could be used on phones or tablets which almost everybody had close at hand. The options such as .PDF, Kindle, ePub or Wordpress websites were designed for use on either computer screens or specialized devices. Using them on mobile devices was possible, but the experience could be frustrating. Furthermore, once content was made available there was the problem of piracy where content could be easily copied and shared.

Content had to be available where there was no internet connection yet was easily kept current. It needed to be instantly accessible by millions of potential consumers through the app stores, yet difficult to copy and share without permission. Most importantly we wanted an engaging user experience that would highlight our work on a small screen and encourage active participation in submitting comments in real-time.

At the time such a platform did not exist, so we built it!


Our Value Proposition

Rapid transition of content into a mobile friendly format that is available offline, always current and piracy resistant.

  • The solution is turnkey

  • Can be implemented very quickly

  • No technical staff required

  • Provides instant access to the power of the App Stores

  • Costs are known and fixed

Traditional printed content

Transition time is measured in hours and days.
Not months or years

Content reformatted in
Land and Sea Platform

Our Vision

We have developed a platform that enables traditional publishers of written content to supercharge their offerings by providing a rapid path to distribute their content in a digital format.

Secondly we unleash opportunities to interact with advertisers and consumers in a ways that are simply not possible in traditional media. Imagine being able to extract content and create a custom publication for an advertiser, or group of consumers.

We eliminate all infrastructure concerns from the process. You create the content and engage with your community, we do the rest.

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