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Land & Sea Software

Modern Consumers Want Digital Products

Publishers of Guidebooks, Cookbooks, Magazines and Newspapers want to establish a digital presence so they can:
  • Provide an excellent user experience.

  • Lower printing and distribution costs.

  • Maintain content easily/regularly.

  • Display graphically intensive content.

  • Make content available without an internet connection.

  • Distribute proprietary content without worrying about piracy.

However, there is no clear path to establish a digital footprint that meets the requirements without a significant investment of time and money.

Traditional Methods to Go Digital



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ePub, Kindle, iBooks



Challenges with Traditional Methods

Creating a body of digital content is not difficult, but selling  and distributing digital content in an easy to manage, scalable manner is a challenge that successful digital publishers invest significant sums to overcome with proprietary solutions:
  • Costs are uncertain and may require specialized staff.

  • Not mobile friendly and may require special hardware.

  • User experience suffers.

  • Content is difficult to copy protect.

  • Updating content or making corrections requires a new edition.

  • Version control becomes an issue.

The Land & Sea Method to Go Digital

We offer a revolutionary new system that enables publishers with minimal technical expertise to build a digital footprint quickly, with known costs and without incurring Digital Rights Management expenses. One price buys everything you need to distribute your content in your own app on the Apple App store and Google Play Store.

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Native high performance & highly configurable mobile apps

Scalable real-time cloud database – minimal overhead

Content/configuration portal deployable through any browser

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