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Case Study

  • Addison Chan

The Association of Bahamas Marinas

Updated: May 25, 2023

Case Study # 2

The Association of Bahamas Marinas is a trade organization that promotes its member marinas, as well as boating and sport fishing activities throughout the Bahamas, to boaters on vessels ranging from small fishing boats to mega yachts. The association also acts as a liaison to promote the interests of its membership with respect to various government agencies to create uniform policies on issues that involve the marina industry.

In 2019 the Association was looking for an app that they could use to highlight and promote their marina members and to serve as a directory of allied members which offer support services ranging from major overhauls to private aviation services. They turned to Land and Sea Software to produce an app within a very tight one-month window to launch at a major industry trade show.

The Land and Sea Software platform was configured into a fully supported app that met all the objectives of the Association and provided an electronic brochure that could be distributed easily. All content within the app could be managed by non-technical volunteers from within their member community. It was a fortuitous turn of events because within months the Bahamas boating industry was crippled by the Covid pandemic and the ABM drew on the instant update features of the Land and Sea platform to communicate the rapid changes of Covid policy to the boating public. Since the app was introduced, the ABM has increased their membership of principal and allied members by over 20%.

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