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Case Study

  • Addison Chan

TPG Marinas

Updated: May 25, 2023

Case Study #3

TPG Marinas is a unique collaboration of partners in hospitality, technology and sophisticated capital. This consortium is collating and transforming a network of marina-based hospitality experiences into world-class travel experiences for boaters and terrestrial travelers alike. They are redefining the 21st century marina hospitality experience. To create a best-in-class experience for their marina customers, TPG Marinas wanted a way for their slip holders to communicate with staff and order services directly through an app.

TPG Marinas wanted to promote a directory of their marinas and a calendar of events and activities in each marina to the public, but also needed to control access to services, loyalty offers and discounts intended only for their existing marina customers. As part of the offering, they approached Waterway Guide Media to provide their best-in-class details of anchorages, bridges, locks and hazard alerts, customized to highlight the locations of TPG facilities.

Land and Sea Software provided a fully supported off-the-shelf solution that was configurable by non-technical staff to meet the requirements of the partnership. Waterway Guide Media was able to provide value added promotional services to TPG Marinas that would not have been possible without a digital product and TPG Marinas was able to deliver a robust app to their customers within a very short window, all without adding additional human resources.

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