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Case Study

  • Addison Chan

Waterway Guide Media

Case Study #1

Since 1947, Waterway Guide Media has produced detailed mile by mile navigation guides for the inland and Atlantic coastal waters of the United States, The Bahamas and Cuba. Their visually rich guides are updated annually by a team of experienced on-the-water cruising editors backed by a talented team of staff editors and graphic artists. Today the Waterway Guide Library includes over 20 titles. In addition to their guides they have also amassed a vast collection of information on marinas, anchorages, bridges, locks and communities along the waterways.

When the loyal following that Waterway Guide built over its +75-year existence asked for a way to purchase content in a digital format, Waterway Guide turned to Land and Sea Software.

Waterway Guide demanded a high-quality experience for their followers that would make any of their titles instantly accessible online and easily readable on a mobile device, while preserving the quality of images, maps, and aerial photographs. They also wanted a way to engage their readers by making it easy for them to submit reviews and comments about their experiences on the water.

Land and Sea Software has been a proud partner of Waterway Guide Media since 2019 and today the entire Waterway Guide Library as well as titles from other authors can be found in the Waterway Guide App. They can sell their titles as whole books, as individual chapters and as an auto renewing subscription. Updates, comments, and new additions to over 18,000 marine points of interest are distributed instantly to all app users. Using the Land and Sea platform Waterway Guide has added an important new distribution channel to their business without hiring additional staff.

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